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Partial Hospitalization
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Partial Hospitalization

Drug abuse and addiction can be tackled in numerous ways, from medical detox and residential rehab through to partial hospitalization and aftercare support. Access to treatment programs depends greatly on both the substance and extent of the addiction, since some treatment centers specialize in particular treatment regimes. Partial hospitalization involves a range of medically supervised programs, including pharmacotherapy, structured clinical services, and individual psychotherapy support. Partial hospitalization is available in Alabama and across the United States.

What is partial hospitalization?

Also known as PHP, partial hospitalization programs are both comprehensive and time-limited in nature. Depending on the institution in question, these programs may be available anywhere from five to seven days a week, with half-day and evening services also available in some cases. PHP has proved to be effective in the treatment of substance use disorders and other behavioral disturbances. People should only engage in partial hospitalization programs if they do not pose a threat to themselves or to others, otherwise residential treatment may be the preferred option.

Candidates for partial hospitalization

Drug detox and rehabilitation is a large and diverse field that includes a wide range of treatment alternatives. The initial stages of crisis intervention and detox work to assist each patient with discontinuing their drug use. Rehab is then applied to treat the issues surrounding drug abuse and addiction. PHP is an alternative to residential and outpatient rehab, involving periodic visits to a hospital as a way to support abstinence and help manage psychiatric disorders. The ideal candidate for PHP is self-sufficient and does not pose a threat to themselves or others. They may also be struggling with a dual diagnosis, which is the co-existence of both a mental illness and a substance use disorder.

What is dual diagnosis?

Also known as co-occurring disorders, people with a dual diagnosis face a number of challenges during the drug treatment process. Partial hospitalization is often used to help patients manage their psychiatric disorders when they are concurrent with drug abuse and chemical dependency. Common dual diagnosis interactions include depression disorder and alcohol dependence, panic disorder and sedative abuse, and methamphetamine induced psychosis. A range of treatment methods can be applied to manage these conditions, including primary treatment, sequential treatment, parallel treatment, and integrated treatment.

Benefits of PHP

Partial hospitalization programs in Alabama and every other state, are designed to support patients as they recover from drug addiction. While these programs are not ideal for everyone, PHP allows people to obtain comprehensive treatment while still receiving support from their friends and family. By living at home and attending periodic treatment sessions, patients are able to work, study, and fulfill family commitments and also get the essential help that they need. PHP provides access to medical support staff and medications when needed, making it an ideal option for people with co-occurring conditions.

Aftercare treatment and support

While PHP and other forms of direct rehabilitation are an essential element of drug treatment, they are not efficient enough when administered on their own. Aftercare services are always advised following PHP, including 12-step facilitation, relapse prevention, and community support programs. Aftercare programs are available across Alabama through commercial drug treatment centers and non-profit organizations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), SMART Recovery, as well as several others. These programs utilize motivational, cognitive, and behavioral methods to help their patients recognize potential triggers and avoid high risk situations.

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and a partial hospitalization program seems like the right fit for you, reach out to a substance abuse facility in Alabama and start your journey to recovery today.